Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Only One God!

Our God is the one true God, yet He is the Heavenly Father, The only Son of God, The Blessed Holy Spirit. He is also Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the The Comforter. But yet One God Almighty!

He is the prodigal's loving father,the older son's generous parent, the tax collector's friend, the harlot's savior, and the pharisee's salvation.

He is the one who stands at the door and knocks, offering fellowship for the empty and lonely with, gold tried in the fire, clean white garments, and ointment for our eyes.

He is the Light Of The World, and The King of Kings but also The Suffering Servant, the only atonement for our sin!

He is the one Closer Than A Brother, yet He is The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince Of Peace. He is ever patient, ever kind, ever merciful, ever forgiving, ever just.

He urges us to pray, then answers our prayers.
He seeks us when we are lost. Heaven rejoices when he finds us.
He bids us mourn and repent, then comforts us as his own children!
He tells us to rejoice and fills our hearts with songs of praise.
Yet leaves us in this dark world so we can shine as the stars!

Can we be his servants? Can we seek the lost? Can we show His grace and compassion?
The world is in darkness. Will you begin to let your light shine!


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Sumshine said...

Dear Howard,

Thanks for leaving a comment in my Blog. Your sharings over your Blog are very encouraging too! =)