Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Right Choice?

Have you made the right choice ?

We make many choices,some trivial, some important, and a few with eternal consequences.Some choices are influenced by trivial things, others by people in our lives, some by government or circumstances. Some we are pleased with some we regret. Some lead to happiness or gain others to dispair.or loss.

We generally enjoy the freedom we have to choose for ourselves our path of life.
God gave us that freedom and because we are his creation he loves us, all of us. And will never deny us the prevelage to make our own choices.

However, because He is the master and creator of all things he knows what is best for us. He told Adam and Eve exactly the truth and consequences of what could happen in the Garden of Eden. They chose to disregard His advice. They had known the presence and fellowship of their creator but because the temptor got her attention and told her lies she made a terrible mistake and chose to believe Satan rather than God. Adam was just as gulible.They had been clearly told that sin or disobidience produces death. When we read "death" we might nor know exactly what is meant. I am sure that Gods communication with Adam and Eve left no doubt in their mind about what was meant. It wasn't instant phyisical death, it was something far more hideous than that. They were God's creation, created in His image. That means eternal as he is eternal. This death is a change in character, With the rebellion against the creator comes the loss of His character in them. God is love. Now they had selfishness. God is truth. Now they have deciet. God is faithful. Now they have faithlessness. God is holy, Now they have sin. They have taken on the character of Satan himself. This leads in time to physical death as well. God later told Eve that someday that Satan would bruse her offspring's heel But that He, Christ would bruise Satans head.

Eve's offsping came as a baby born to a virgin, born in a manger. He came to save His people from their sin. He came to atone for our wrong choices on the cross of Calvary. He came to reverse the curse and show us how we can be restored to the likeness of our creator with the love, truth, faithfulness, holiness that he created us with. The choice we need to make is to make Jesus Christ our Savior. This choice is supported and applauded by all of heaven.

Love, Howard

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